Monday, May 5, 2014

Guest Post and Giveaway with Vicki-Ann Bush

Guest post
Vicki-Ann Bush

I've been sitting here trying to think of what I should write for my guest post. Honestly, I think I am a pretty mundane person. Outside of writing, the thing I enjoy the most is spending time with family and close friends. They are always a constant source of support and on occasion … material for my books. But they aren't my only source. I get so much of inspiration from the landscape of the desert and it's residents.
Take for instance, The Dusk Chronicles. I received all my inspiration for this story from Sunrise Mountain and the surrounding neighborhood. I use to sit in my family room floor on the second floor, and gaze out of the window at the mountain. On quiet mornings and evenings, the story began to form. It was my muse so to speak. Every time I would have a peek at it, a different aspect of the story came to me. Over time, I began driving toward the mountain and in the neighborhood, often picturing the story unfolding. It was a fun and engaging experience. Since then my mind has drifted from a World War I to an alien invasion taking place at state line. I often try to figure out exactly what my common thread is. Since my writing is not restricted to paranormal, I had a hard time trying to nail this one down. What I came up with is … romance or love. No matter what the story, I seem to always put in some kind of romantic/love under tone. Or in the case of The Garden of Two, base the entire story on it. The Garden of Two will be my first non paranormal/fantasy to be released. The funny thing is, it was actually written prior to The Dusk Chronicles. It is my first novel and soon I will get to share it with you when it is published in May or June.
I am equally excited to announce my portion of an upcoming Co-Op Anthology project entitled, Nightlife by Tina Smith. It's a collection of five different authors, and it is definitely paranormal. I am so honored to be chosen to be a part of such an opportunity. This is slated for a late Autumn, early Winter release. My newest is the Sci-Fi novel, The View from Room 629. It's currently in the preliminary stages of editing and I have to polish it before I submit it to the publisher. See, I told you, mundane. I read like a laundry list in my life. I think the real excitement is in my writing. That is the place I get to go and have any kind of adventure I want. When I create the characters it's fun. When I wrestle with a story and see it unfold, it's intriguing. And when I have the finished piece before me, it's rewarding. I love what I do and only hope that the reader enjoys the journey as much as I do. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has read my books, the feed back is great and very helpful. It let's me know what the reader is thinking and what things they liked and what they didn't. It makes for a good partnership.
I want to thank NaYa for letting me rant today, they rock. I will be popping in from time to time today, so if you have any questions for me, they will get answered. Everyone enjoy the day!

The Dusk Chronicles 

Teenager Noah Winston watched a boy die and crumble to dust in the street. That was his introduction to a bizarre mystery spanning from the early settlement of the Las Vegas valley to the present day. Uncovering the truth drove him deep into history and legend as he attempted to untangle fact from fiction and found himself falling in love with 19th Century Emma Samson alog the way. Only during the brief window of dusk every night can her family enter the modern-day world of Las Vegas. Noah eventually discovers the full extent of the mystery surrounding the time stranded community, as well as a shocking destiny spanning over a century.
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About the author:
I'm typically not a people person. For the most part if you don't know me I can be pretty shy which is why I like writing. I can express myself without really drawing attention to me the person. It's all about the characters and the story.
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  1. Checking in to see if anyone has questions ... I will be popping in from time to time today, or feel free to contact me on my Facebook author page. It's Monday, so try to hold down the excitement. ;)

  2. Just finish second round edits on my short story for the Anthology. Cup of tea anyone?