Sunday, June 8, 2014

Amazon sale -- The Dusk Chronicles by Vicki-Ann Bush

Noah Winston watched a boy die and crumble to dust in the street. That was his introduction to a bizarre mystery spanning from the early settlement of the Las Vegas valley to the present day. Uncovering the truth drove him deep into history and legend as he attempted to untangle fact from fiction and found himself falling in love along the way.

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Noah Winston and his friend Travis are working together to try to save Emma and her family from their mysterious limbo in time. Only during the brief window of dusk every night can her family enter the modern-day world of Las Vegas. The more they learn, though, the harder their task becomes. With the aid of a new ally, they seek out the way to end Emma's curse once and for all.

On Sale for 1.99 AMAZON   

A door between time was opened, linking the modern day Las Vegas valley to a settlement that was lost long ago. The people trapped in limbo between their pioneer era town and the twenty-first century have long gone unnoticed and unaided, until now. Noah Winston is a modern young man who has promised Emma Samson and her family that he will rescue them. Yet as time starts running out, the odds against Noah stack higher and higher.

In the thrilling conclusion of The Dusk Chronicles, Noah discovers the full extent of the mystery surrounding the time stranded community, as well as a shocking destiny spanning over a century.

On Sale for 1.99 AMAZON

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