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Tore Divided Love by KD Ferguson

Tore Divided Love
by K.D. Ferguson
Release Date: 06/06/14

Summary from Goodreads:

A future set in stone.

For eighteen year old Krissa Channing a government ruled pairing with Braiden Connor and a move to Headquarters were her set fate. Until Braiden's sudden disappearance threatens Krissa’s entire future.

After months of endless worry, Krissa has an unexpected meeting with Duke, a perfect suitor that could offer her the future she’s always dreamed of. Just when she begins to regain hope, Braiden returns.

Now, Krissa must find where her heart truly lies. Torn between two loves, she must decide which of their worlds she belongs in. But is such a decision even possible
 when the choice rests between freedom and love?

           “Success is only for those who operate under Headquarters’ commands.  Have you thought about what others have gone through since they have been exiled?  And yes, you’ve been given so much, but how much have you given up?  They were going to rip all of your dreams away simply because you weren’t paired.  It’s bad, really bad, for a lot of folks out there.  Have you seen the Sweeper unit, aside from what our government has shown you?  You did everything right during your life, and one mistake, one misstep, and they would have crushed all of your dreams.  You would have been shunned by our society and sent to the Sweeper unit, and only been given the bare minimum all because you wouldn’t provide the life that our government demands.
           “We need order, yes. But we also need freedom - the right to choose our own future.  We constantly evolve as individuals.  Who’s to say five, ten, fifty years from now you will want the same things?  You can’t tell me you are the same girl you were two years ago.”
           I wasn’t.  But was that because of the restrictions Headquarters had placed on me or because of everything this man’s son had put me through?

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About the Author 
I have recently released my first book, Torn-True Love, published by Rebel Ink Press. I am thrilled to be a part of the family!

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